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Residential synthetic lawns in San Antonio, Texas at pocket-friendly prices.

If you live in San Antonio, Texas, and are passionate about having a beautiful lawn, and want to achieve the ultimate low maintenance, stunning landscape, consider an artificial grass lawn. If you are tired of all the hassles of trying all sorts of products on your lawn to try to improve its appearance, then SYNLawn’s artificial turf is the best solution. After all, natural grass can be expensive and tedious to maintain, and even then, you may not be guaranteed the best results. No need to endure the misery of maintaining your lawn; make the switch to artificial grass for your lawn. Synthetic grass comes with the lush beauty of healthy natural grass, but without all the tedious responsibilities that natural grass brings. At SYNLawn Central Texas, we specialize in fantastic, fully customized artificial grass installations in San Antonio, Texas, at pocket-friendly prices.

Benefits Of Residential Artificial Grass

Perhaps you are wondering what the fuss around artificial turf is all about. Here are a few benefits that make synthetic grass installation such a wise move.

Weed & Pest Free

Like all other plants, traditional sod is prone to weeds and pests that may wind up affecting your health and comfort, as well as that of others. To avoid this problem, it is worth considering artificial grass. Due to its synthetic nature, fake grass does not harbor pests or weeds.

Evergreen Look

Regardless of where you live in San Antonio, TX, nobody likes the look of an unkempt lawn. Fortunately, with synthetic turf, this is no longer a concern. You can forget brown and discolored grass on your property by opting for artificial grass from SYNLawn. The technology behind artificial grass guarantees it remains evergreen and free from discoloring, even in continuous exposure to harsh seasonal weather conditions.

Eco-Friendly Qualities

Natural gas has to be mowed regularly using gasoline-powered mowers. The emissions from these tools contribute to air pollution, environmental degradation, and climate change. By installing artificial turf in the place of regular grass, you help play a part in saving the environment while reducing costs.

Residential backyard lawn from SYNLawn

Uses Of Artificial Grass

Apart from the conventional use of artificial grass in lawns, there are plenty of other uses of synthetic grass at your place of residence.

Pet and Dog Turf

While pets love playing outdoors, they can present significant frustrations. Pets also love the outdoors. If you have pets that enjoy playing on a regular grass lawn, you might have undergone the frustrations of having to wash your pets repeatedly because of grass staining their fur or them being covered in mud and dirt from jumping into a puddle. You can put an end to such frustrations today by installing artificial pet and dog turf, which won’t leave grass stains or cause puddles to form in your yard.

Putting Greens

One of the most common uses of artificial grass in the sports world is in creating golf putting greens. If you want to improve your golfing skills, artificial putting green turf is something worth considering. Synthetic putting greens are so popular due to them being both durable and effective.

Indoor Games Room

Even if the outdoors are not your thing, you may want to consider synthetic grass for your indoor game room. What better way to create the illusion of nature than to bring in the synthetic grass? It can give your games room a serene touch that will help you relax as you enjoy the game night.


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