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In the San Antonio, Texas region, SYNLawn Central Texas designs and installs the best artificial pet / dog turf available. The attachment to our pets can be so strong, it is only reasonable that we want to offer them the best in life. At SYNLawn, our artificial grass is the best you can get for not only your pet, but for your own enjoyment as well.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Pet Turf

No matter how big or energetic your dog is, our durable synthetic turf for pets can handle them, while also giving a delightful sensory experience. Besides looking amazing, our pet grass is very low maintenance, provides security, so your dog can’t dig underneath it, and also keeps away parasites like ticks and fleas.

At SYNLawn Central Texas, we recognize there are huge differences from pet-to-pet and person-to-person for what they need in a pet play area or dog run. With this in mind, we help you in putting together a fully customized plan for artificial grass that both you and your pet will love.

So whether your dog is a small Beagle that likes to bask in the sun or a giant Newfoundland that loves to run around the yard, we have got the synthetic pet turf you need.

When helping you choose your ideal synthetic lawn, the things we take into consideration include:

  • Maintenance Options
  • Personal Preference Of Product
  • Size Of Dog Run Or Landscape
  • Size Of The Animal(S)
  • Time Pets Will Spend In The Area

Advantages Of Synlawn’s Pet Grass In San Antonio, Texas

Always Have Beautiful Green Grass

You won’t ever have to worry again about your grass turning brown with patches of dead spots. Our pet turf always looks in top condition year round, giving you one less thing to think about.

Optimal Drainage

The days of getting anxiety over your yard becoming a muddy mess that your dog can run through will be over. Because our pet grass drains so effectively, muddy puddles will no longer be a thing.

Control Odors

With our synthetic grass, waste cleanup is made simple. Additionally, our fake grass is composed of anti-microbial and quick draining material, meaning odors from your yard will be kept under control.

Your Choice Of A Wide Variety Of Synthetic Turf Products

Whatever variety of styles, sizes, or colors you want your ideal landscape to look like, we can make it happen. With SYNLawn Central Texas, the needs of both you and your pets are sure to be fulfilled.

Pets And House Stay Cleaner

No more worries about your dog’s paws and fur becoming completely covered in mud! With our artificial grass, both your home and dog are sure to stay cleaner.

Added Security

With our pet turf, there’ll be no concerns over your dog one day digging out of your yard and wandering away. Our synthetic grass is made extremely durable, increasing the security of your yard.

Healthy Environment

Because our pet grass is allergen free with anti-microbial options, it is safer for your pet. This means no bothersome grass-related allergies. Additionally, our grass is comfortable and non-abrasive, making it more enjoyable for your pet to be on in general.

Controls Rodents And Other Pests

You can rest easy knowing that our artificial grass isn’t a welcome habitat for pests like rodents, ticks and fleas. Not having to deal with that is undoubtedly a good thing!


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