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This installation of San Antonio artificial grass is on the rise, and the number one choice is SYNLawn. We have tirelessly researched and developed our turf over 50 years and become a leader in our industry through countless innovations. In addition, SYNLawn is licensed, bonded, and insured to complete multi-million-dollar commercial installations from start to finish. It is our priority to provide our customers with the highest quality San Antonio synthetic grass and the most professional installations.



Even the most incredible synthetic grass is nothing without a quality installation. When you choose SYNLawn, you can feel confident that you’re receiving the best in every category. Improper installations lead to seams. Seams will immediately break the illusion of natural grass that SYNLawn artificial turf provides. We make sure that each panel of turf is placed in the same direction to prevent seams and create an ultra-realistic lawn.

It is also important that we start by smoothing out the surface on which we lay San Antonio synthetic turf. We do this to rid the area of debris that will make your grass uncomfortable to walk or sit on. When all is said and done, you will be pleased that your commercial installation will effortlessly blend into your existing landscape. SYNLawn artificial grass perfectly installs over and slope or undulation adding dimension to your lawn increasing curb appeal and property value.


Business owners know that safety goes beyond employees. Commercial properties see a substantial amount of people every day and because of that, it is important to ensure that they are safe for the time that they spend with you. Fortunately, SYNLawn provides the safest and highest-performing grass solutions available on the market. We are proud to be the first company to understand that there is a need for IPEMA-certified artificial turf.

Having IPEMA certification means independently lab testing our artificial turf to meet fall attenuation and to prevent common injuries and abrasions. It is a certification of conformance to ASTM F1292 Standard for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment or any other environment that is host to large amounts of people or high activity.

If fire safety is on your list of concerns, as it should be, SYNLawn is one of the only companies to offer ASTM E-108 Class A fire-rated options. Our synthetic turf is proven to prevent the spread of fires by simply melting rather than expanding flames. This means that our grass alternatives serve as a barrier between your business preventing extreme damage and life-threatening injuries.

synthetic grass lawn at Witte museum


SYNLawn synthetic turf accurately replicates the appearance and behavior of natural grass while eliminating the need for mowing, watering, or fertilizing. This saves business owners the time and money it would normally cost to keep their front landscapes looking immaculate.

Feel confident knowing that our synthetic grass is earth friendly. We work closely with US soy farmers to replace large portions of petroleum components and replace them with bio and plant-based materials including sugar cane and renewable soybeans. With their help and yours, we can conserve tens of thousands of gallons of water, substantially reduce carbon emissions, and negate the impact we have on local landfills. As a leader in our industry, we have a responsibility to provide environmentally sustainable synthetic grass and as a result, we have become the first company to offer USDA-certified options.

SYNLawn supports architects and landscape architects. Their education is what leads them to design and provide exceptional surroundings. That is why we make our CAD details available to them so that they can integrate our turf into the planning stages of their work. Now, SYNLawn can also send you our brand-new architectural tool kit complete with samples, infill options, and more directly to your office so you can get a hands-on experience with our products before you begin. Finally, we are enthusiastic about aiding in the continued education of architects. Architects who complete their projects utilizing our eco-friendly projects will be eligible to earn LEED credits in the health, wealth & safety category, and the STC CTI-L program.


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SYNLawn is driven to provide the ultimate San Antonio artificial grass experience. We are dedicated to working with our customers to provide an elite level of customer service and precision. To learn more about commercial synthetic turf and all of our services, contact SYNLawn San Antonio today to schedule a FREE consultation!