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Looking to build or resurface a mini golf course in San Antonio? Turn toSYNLawn Central Texas. In addition to mini golf construction, SYNLawn is a renowned provider of artificial grass for residential and commercial applications. Golfing is important to residents of Central Texas. That is why each year, thousands drive from their homes to mini golf courses throughout the state.

Indoor Mini Golf Courses

In addition to other family events, like arcades and go-carts, golfing is a popular pastime in San Antonio. But not everyone loves the commute. That’s why there has been a growing demand for mini golf course construction by both residents and businesses in the Central Texas area. This is no surprise. A personal mini golf course makes a lot of sense if you have the space and are a golf fanatic. It’s attractive, is highly durable, and comes with little to no maintenance.

The biggest worry of mini golf course owners is the weather. A bad storm over a holiday weekend severely impacts their bottom line. Many combat this by creating indoor mini golf courses in malls, resorts, and other areas. No indoor mini golf course is complete without the installation of artificial grass.

That’s because it affords both luxury and durability that’s perfect for indoor situations. It also doesn’t require watering or landscaping work in order  to maintain its luster. If you want to keep customers coming, this is the ideal solution. It’s also extremely resilient to wear and tear.

Remove The Pain Of Natural Grass Upkeep

While everyone cherishes an immaculate mini golf course, no business owner enjoys the painstaking maintenance that goes into keeping it that way. For instance, immediately you mow it, a little rainfall causes the grass to sprout up again including weeds. This necessitates another mowing session. And if you ignore it for a few days, it looks like a jungle which can harbor insects, pests, rodents and more. Many people get into contracts with landscaping companies. These can be expensive in the long run. And even with regular landscaping, there is no guarantee the sun won’t scorch the grass causing unsightly brown spots. The obvious remedy for this is artificial grass. Not only does it come with excellent drainage qualities, it does not need regular maintenance work to retain its visual appeal.

Artificial grass designed for mini golf has everything you want from natural grass, but none of the issues. Water drains off it, so it’s never soaked. It doesn’t grow or lose its green color. The look and feel are that of natural grass to the point where customers can’t tell the difference. Additionally, it’s eco-friendly. In this day and age when environmental consciousness is right, front, and center, one of the best ways to make a contribution is to install artificial grass. For starters, it doesn’t require fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides. These chemicals have been linked to environmental and ecological damage.

It Saves On Mini Golf Construction Costs

Construction of a miniature golf course can be costly. If you’re looking for the best mini golf course company in San Antonio, contact SYNLawn. Make your mini golf construction process a breeze by consulting with our expert installers from the beginning. Whether you’re building new or renovating an existing business, we help you from start to finish.

The worst-case scenario for any mini golf renovation or construction is that a job that is not done right and needs to be done again. We work with you to make sure that doesn’t happen, and you save as much time and money as possible.


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If you’re looking for a competent partner in your next mini golf installation in San Antonio, look to none other than SYNLawn. We take great pride in our work and have thousands of satisfied customers who can attest to the quality of our work. If you think synthetic grass is the perfect choice for your mini golf construction, then contact us today and get a free quote.