San Antonio Artificial Grass with HeatBlock Technology Provides Cooler Surface Temperatures

Heat can be a deterrent for outdoor activity, but it can also have many negative effects on your lawn that will lead to deterioration. SYNLawn San Antonio artificial grass is designed to make life easier and more enjoyable for our customers. From saving time and money on lawn maintenance and unique environmental benefits to our exceptionally high safety standards and cutting-edge technological innovations. In particular, the state-of-the-art HeatBlock technology from SYNLawn is revolutionizing the artificial grass industry by providing cooler surface temperatures than any other turf on the market.

Summer is known for vacations, outdoor activities, pool time, barbecues and much more. Unfortunately, something as simple as laying out a towel to relax on the lawn can become unbearable if the surface absorbs heat or deteriorates from too much sun exposure. HeatBlock is scientifically engineered and proven to keep surfaces cool even under consistent and direct sunlight.

We wanted to create landscapes that can be enjoyed by families, kids, and pets all year long, through every season. Competitor brands may offer their own grass alternatives; however, none come close to offering the superior technologies innovated by SYNLawn. SYNLawn San Antonio artificial turf is the product of over 50 years of research and development.

As a result, San Antonio lawns with SYNLawn exclusive HeatBlock technology can enjoy up to 20% cooler surface temperatures in addition to unrivaled durability under heavy foot traffic, unmatched realistic appearances and limited lifetime warranty, and convenient monthly payment plans and financing options.

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You Can See and Feel the Difference with HeatBlock™ Technology

Commercial Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Achieving cooler surfaces all year long is no easy feat. To do this, we have to combat thermal emissivity. When heat is absorbed, it radiates off the surface and onto everything that comes into contact with it. HeatBlock is engineered to improve the efficiency of this process so that our customers can see and feel the difference after thermal emissivity is drastically reduced from the surface. San Antonio synthetic grass offers cooler temperatures as well as 100% pure and UV-protected color pigments that resist fading from direct sun exposure.

Heat isn’t the only factor that affects your lawn. IR reflective light not only causes grass to heat up, but it can cause your landscape to fade and lose its green glow. SYNLawn San Antonio synthetic grass is designed to provide ultra-realistic appearances that mimic that of real grass.

We utilize an exclusive DualChill IR reflective technology within our Super Yarn turf yarn to prevent our synthetic turf from absorbing infrared light which often results in faded colors and sun bleaching in competing turf brands. Additionally, SYNLawn offers the strongest warranty against reflective light for installations that are surrounded by windows reflecting the sun on the lawn below. This warranty helps protect any SYNLawn installation in the event of any melting that could occur from extreme reflective light exposure.

We also offer a collection of San Antonio synthetic grass that is ASTM Class A fire-rated which is a significant achievement in the artificial grass industry. Our ASTM Class A fire-rated artificial turf products are tried and tested to dramatically increase the potential response time for first responders to arrive and extinguish fires that may occur. They undergo intense fire testing to show that burns are drastically slowed when a fire meets SYNLawn artificial grass.

Increased Safety for Children and Pets

Along with our many achievements, we are proud to offer the safest grass alternatives in San Antonio, TX, and surrounding areas. We make safety a top priority at every installation to protect families from accidents that may occur. Children love to keep their shoes off, but when they go out to play, we worry that grass and other surfaces will be too hot for them to stand on. Thanks to the innovative cooling properties provided by HeatBlock, children and pets can join in on the outdoor fun without burning their bare feet or paws.

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SYNLawn manufactures products that are compatible with any shape or size landscape and for a wide variety of applications. We are dedicated to manufacturing products that are accommodating to every customer that we work with. Whether you are building large-scale commercial project or breathing new life into your backyard, SYNLawn has a solution and that is sure to meet your needs. We work closely with landscape architects, architects, general contractors, and construction companies to create the most durable, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced landscapes in San Antonio.

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