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SYNLawn San Antonio designs and sells beautiful custom artificial backyard putting greens in San Antonio, TX. Our turf is so much more than synthetic grass: it saves time and money and resources, allowing our customers more time and money to pursue what they’re most passionate about.

If you live in San Antonio, Texas, and want a gorgeous synthetic backyard golf greens with little to no upkeep, we can help. SYNLawn San Antonio has been in the artificial turf business for over four decades and has accrued tremendous experience in producing and distributing artificial grass for residential and commercial use. Check out our photo gallery.

Golf is a popular sport in San Antonio. That is why many shopping and recreational areas around the city are centered around major golf courses. There has also been a notable increase in the installation of synthetic backyard putting greens for residential use. This has primarily been due to its visual appeal, durability, and low maintenance. Plus, if you want to improve your golf skills, our artificial golf turf is the obvious alternative.

Let us examine why our synthetic golf grass is highly popular in Central Texas.

Very Little Maintenance

In comparison to sod, artificial backyard putting greens are low-maintenance.

The extent of care is typically, a simple watering down with the hose to easily remove any dust and dirt.

Overall, artificial grass significantly eliminates the need for, among other things, mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing, seeding, weeding, and pesticide treatment.

By eliminating these chores, homeowners can free up time for other tasks they are more passionate about.

Visually Appealing

Installing a custom-designed backyard putting green can significantly improve the appearance and even often increase the value of your house.

The turf comes in many different shades and hues, which can be customized to match the overall theme of your backyard.

Do you want to transform your otherwise mundane yard into a majestically appealing space?

Our completely personalized designs have the potential to convert an average yard into an outdoor work of beauty that wows visitors.

Saves You Money

Installing our backyard putting greens can help you save a lot of money especially over time. For starters, our turf does not require as much maintenance as natural grass.

As a result, you never have to pay a landscaping company to mow your lawn monthly. You can save money by eliminating the need to purchase costly sprinkler systems and paying the associated water bills.

The EPA reports that the average American home uses over 55 gallons of water per square foot of lawn. This can translate into exorbitant water bills.

With our synthetic backyard golfing greens, you also never have to worry about spending money on landscaping equipment and tools.

Eco-friendly And Recyclable

Unlike traditional grass lawns, our turf does not require any ongoing chemical use to sustain it. Nor does artificial grass require intense watering to stay looking fresh. Our beautiful artificial grass looks majestically appealing all year round. On the other hand, natural turf requires the continuous use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other weed killers.

While these chemicals can help keep the grass healthy, they have been known to contaminate the soil, vegetation, and even water resources. In addition, our turf does not require lawn equipment. Most of this equipment uses fossil fuels which are responsible for carbon emissions. Switching to artificial grass makes for a good investment and it lasts many, many years.

Finally, our turf is made with sustainability in mind. For instance, we have replaced more than 70% of petroleum-based polyol products with soybean-based polyol. This makes our products not only recyclable but durable and eco-friendly.

Ready to lower your yard maintenance costs, golf more, and enjoy life? Call us for a free consultation to get started on your residential or commercial putting golf green.

Because we retain control of our entire manufacturing process, we can guarantee exceptionally high quality and a lifetime warranty. Our commitment to excellence and superior product design has been evident in over 200,000 beautiful synthetic grass lawns we have installed.


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