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Is it possible to have lush, green grass for putting greens that are located in San Antonio, Texas? The answer is “Yes.” A way to do this both easily and cost-effectively is by using artificial turf when installing your putting green. You’ll be able to both enjoy lush, green grass while being eco-friendly at the same time.

Residential Putting Greens

Have you always wanted a putting green for your San Antonio backyard, with the added bonus of no watering and little maintenance? Installing artificial grass means spending less time mowing and more time doing activities you really enjoy. Also, by installing a backyard putting green, you’ll be able to practice your short game whenever the mood strikes, your golf skill is bound to improve!

SYNLawn turf is made from completely renewable and recyclable materials. Not only that, our synthetic turf never needs to be mowed or tended to by other gardening equipment, meaning much less carbon emissions. This means you’ll be able to be much more environmentally friendly. Additionally, our artificial grass always looks green and beautiful, no matter how many kids, pets, or people run across it.

Our products also have a very long life cycle, meaning it will be usable by yourself, friends, and family for years to come. Using our artificial turf designed for putting greens, you’ll be able to improve your golf game from your backyard; many commercial golf greens use the same materials for their greens, which means a seamless transition from playing at home to playing at the golf course.

Commercial Putting Greens

Our commercial putting greens give San Antonio business owners and workers more time to focus on core activities, since our synthetic turf requires no watering and barely any maintenance or landscape care. Also, our artificial grass will easily withstand high amounts of foot traffic, meaning your customers will be able to fully enjoy playing golf without any eyesores or distractions. Not only does our artificial grass easily handle high levels of foot traffic, but it also handles all weather conditions. Due to its durability and ability to drain water quickly, it can handle even the harshest storms.

Our products have such great durability, you’ll be able to keep your commercial golf greens looking amazing, while also saving yourself time and money that would’ve otherwise had to go towards maintaining your lawn and hiring landscapers.

Yet another great feature of our artificial grass is that it isn’t susceptible to pests and disease. This means one less thing to worry about on your commercial putting greens, as things like fleas and ticks will choose to make their home somewhere else. This makes for a more pleasurable customer experience where they can truly focus on their golf game.

Made In The USA

In our extensive 45 year history as an artificial grass maker, we have installed synthetic grass for putting greens and golf greens all over North America. And it isn’t just golf projects we have done. Our artificial turf has been applied to many things, from playgrounds, to retail stores, to indoor and outdoor sports, and much more.

Recyclable Materials

Sustainability matters; that is why our products have a long life cycle and are recyclable, which reduces the strain on landfills. We’ve been able to accomplish this by replacing over 70% of the petroleum-based polyol products with polyol made from soybeans.

Environmentally Friendly

SYNLawn San Antonio’s products are environmentally friendly. Our artificial grasses are recyclable, soybean-based materials with organic infill, which decreases stress on the environment

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass is low maintenance in a number of ways. It eliminates the need for mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing, seeding, pulling out weeds, adding pesticides, and more. By eliminating the need to do any of these tasks, time can be spent on things that matter more.

Beautiful, Durable, Custom Designs

It’s very possible to increase both aesthetics and even property value by creating a custom-designed golf green for your home. Don’t let a poorly designed yard stop you from enjoying the outdoors. Our fully customized designs can take a mediocre yard and turn it into an outdoor sight to behold.

Mimic Golf Course Challenges

Using our artificial grass for your golf greens, you can mimic golf course challenges and complexity to help hone your skills. Adding levels of difficulty makes your putting green a fun place for people of all skill levels.

Why Choose Us?

By choosing to partner with SYNLawn, our expert team can help you create all sorts of landscapes and golf greens. We’ve been in this industry an incredibly long time and have completed countless projects from scratch. Also, given that we control the whole production process of our synthetic turf, we can guarantee the highest quality product to all our customers. We listen closely to all feedback we get so that we can continually refine and improve our product.

Utilizing our research and development lab, we design, innovate and test constantly to improve our products and we seek to create further product innovation unmatched in the artificial grass industry.

Using our professionally trained installers, you can have your custom designed artificial grass putting green or golf greens professionally landscaped and installed. All our customers receive a lifetime warranty and the best performing products in the industry.

Choose from one of SYNLawn’s San Antonio’s specially designed and engineered varieties of artificial golf grasses or a combination to establish complexities and challenges to your professional golf greens, all optimized for you and best suited to your user needs. We have the largest selection of specialty synthetic grasses designed to fit all of our customers’ artificial grass needs, from playgrounds, to front yard lawns and backyard lawns complete with play areas and pet areas with artificial pet grass and dog run turf and much more.


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