The Lawn at Baybrook Mall

The Lawn at Baybrook Mall

Total Square footage: 14,750 SF
Product Used: SYNTipede 343: alternating pieces
How Long it Took to Install: 2 weeks
Maintenance Info: Bi-annual Maintenance


SYNLawn® Central Texas was chosen to install its true-to-life Texas artificial grass at Baybrook Mall. The lawn features 14,750 square feet of alternating SYNTipede 343. This gorgeous and vibrant artificial turf solution boasts a medium pile height that groups it into a class of its’s own in terms of toughness and reliability.

Baybrook Mall is home to a large list of shops, restaurants, live events and more. The Lawn provides their many visitors with a place to relax and enjoy music, free movies, and each other’s company in comfort on SYNLawn®’s revolutionary artificial grass.

Further, SYNLawn® was chosen for this project because of our commitment to sustainability. SYNTipede 343 is made from recyclable materials, with the help of our partnership with US soy farmers.

SYNLawn® is the first artificial turf manufacturer to manufacture and supply products that are highlighted with USDA certifications as a result of utilizing more than 70% of bio-based components in our turf.

We make our synthetic grass fibers from sugar can and out revolutionary EnviroLoc™ backing system from soybean oil. Finally, SYNTipede 343 utilizes two of our exclusive benefits that make our artificial grass the safest, cleanest, most durable, and longest lasting to date, Super Yarn™ technology and our EnviroLoc™ backing system.


EnviroLoc™ takes our eco-friendly products to the next level. This backing system is made from bio-based materials including soybean oil which allows us to significantly cut back on petroleum-based inclusions.

EnviroLoc™ is a two-part woven backing fabric designed to fasten turf fibers to prevent anything from natural shedding to holes dug by animals.

Our backing is perfect for ecologically conscious customers that are looking to conserve water and reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the need for lawn equipment.

Super Yarn™ has changed the landscape of the artificial turf industry by combining three proprietary features at the molecular level. Sanitized®, DualChill™, and StatBlock™ work together to create a first-of-its-kind artificial grass fiber.

  • Sanitized® - A silver-based antimicrobial technology helps eliminate pet odors, 99% of bacteria, and provides long-lasting protection.
  • DualChill™ - Acts as a thermal shield and strengthens fibers allowing them superior resilience and durability over extended periods of time
  • StatBlock™ - A carbon-based anti-static component, molecularly bound into face fibers that prevent the accumulation of static electricity

Throughout the year, traditional grass presents a variety of obstacles. Commercial property owners do not have the time to take their attention away from their primary objectives to tend to preserve the look of a lawn.

SYNLawn® San Antonio artificial grass removes the need for maintenance and repays you in savings on lawn equipment, maintenance services, and water bills. Utilizing our plant-based products ensure the life cycle of your lawn.

This means that golf enthusiasts can practice their short game year-round, your pets can roughhouse without destroying the yard, and children can live their lives to their fullest on the playground.

Safety is another key factor in what makes SYNLawn® synthetic grass ideal for all applications. Although rare, fires of any caliber can happen.

We understand the importance of preventing injuries and property loss, and as a result, SYNTipede 343 is ASTM E108 Class A fire rated for added protection at any installation. In addition, SYNLawn® is proud to provide products that include IPEMA certification.

This certification provides property managers, parents, school staff and more, the peace of mind of knowing that common injury can be avoided using our artificial turf solutions.

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